Are Angels Real?

Do angels exist? What are angels? Are angels real?


Can they help you or your loved ones? Is there any connection with the universal laws of attraction? Is there any scientific proof of angels? After a lively discussion with other health care and social service professionals (see note below), around the amazing angel stories everyone had, I decided to go out on a limb and write about Are angels real? I would love to see your submissions about proof of angels existence you feel you have experienced. Use this Law of Attraction Stories link to contact me personally.

Are Angels Real? As part of my graduate studies, I was fortunate to have been able to take an elective called The World’s Living Religions. I learned that almost all religions include some sort of belief in a form of heavenly messenger. Each religion has differing ideas as to what they look like, if one did try to hold a visual image of them. Proof of angels is not something taken lightly. Christianity abounds with hundreds of angel stories in the Old and New testament, including those about the Arch-angel, Michael. Well, regardless, I can tell you that there are millions of answers to the questions What are angels? and Are angels real?. The answers are in the millions of angel stories experienced by people like you and I. Are angels real? I will share a personal story below.

What Are Angels? The general dogma is that angels are messengers for God, or spirits with some sort of ability to help us, especially when we ask. Some religions see them as spirits, humans made perfect or resurrected personages. The accepted definition of the word Angel: the word is from the Greek word angelos. Primary def.: messenger.

What is the Connection to the Universal Laws of Attraction? It is my belief that all of this is connected, and all of the good, core elements of spirituality, whether yours is framed in a religious practice or not, is the same. Thinking/Praying/Asking + Speaking/Deciding/Acting while Knowing/Keeping the Faith/Believing/Having Confidence … always bring positive results. Perhaps not exactly as you as you envisioned it, yet something good always comes of it. See here for more on the Universal Laws of Attraction . It’s all connected.

Is there any scientific proof of angels? Well, I have spent some time looking for some sort of credible angel research, evidence-based study reports on the matter from credible non-religious, or academic-religious sources. So far, all I have is as follows, and it will remain, as always up to us as individuals to make up our own minds:

• The Human Consciousness Project, University of Southampton ( UK ). They are the world’s 1st massive scientific research project of What happens when we die? + mind / brain relationship during the process of clinical death (1)

• What Americans Believe, Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion ( USA ) < 16,000 people surveyed along with Gallup. Over ½ of respondents believed they were helped in some way by an angel at some point. Also note: the study revealed that close to 1/3 of those who classify themselves as irreligious believe in angels and also pray often. (2)

• Does brain structure cause some individuals to be more prone than others to spirituality? Researchers at the University of Udine ( Italy ) are conducting a small scale study of this in patients with brain tumors. I have not located the published result as yet/please contact me should you stumble upon it.

Do Angels Exist? Angel Stories #1

I have several angels, close family and friends who died and have been involved in one or more amazing occurrence in my life that you couldn’t make up if you tried. I have no doubt that the answer to the question, Are Angels real?, is Yes.


The archangel in my circle is my Mom, who died in 2006.(3) Having slowly lost her sight, orange was her favorite colour, as it was the easiest for her to see, until she became totally blind. After she passed away, I began to notice the colour orange at the strangest of times. Then is dawned on me… the colour manifested when I needed her help from above, and received it, often in the most uplifting or humorous of ways.

Here is one example: Standing at the back of a packed conference room and as the next speaker to go on for a corporate education retreat, I was anxious. The group was a government organization working with environmental issues and I was the upbeat speaker hired for a positive thinking in the workplace seminar session. However… it was a June Friday afternoon. The room was hot, the crowd was looking forward to leaving, and the speaker finishing up his session had been required to present some very dry, technical stuff. I pondered how I would best serve this antsy uncomfortable crowd, and asked my Mum for help.

Just as the speaker finished, he surprised the crowd by pulling out a huge box of freebies, and began to fling out, into the air, one for every one… orange hats! caps in the bright orange colour my mum would have loved. Plus she loved hats! I went on, and it was a successful, fun event, with other clients coming from it later :) PS-Are angels real? ...update/April 2012/Well, since this article was written, dozens more instances have happened and now the stories about the orange messages are coming from family members as well! Amazing.

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(1) Human Consciousness Project

(2) What Americans Believe

(3) See: an inspirational quote by my Mother.


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