A Visionary? You Were Born This Way.

The reason Born This Way is the megahit that it is, rests on one fundamental truth. We are in fact, all born visionaries. Every child comes to this life with hopes, dreams and powerful intentions. It is our experiences and more importantly, how we react to them, which may prevent us from realizing our dreams, or enable us to achieve them. Even the newborn has an inner vision of some kind, which motivates the crying for food, air, comfort and loving human touch. It is the law of intention at work, supporting life itself. (1)

Global Visionaries The Born This Way cover by Maria Aragon, the ten year old Canadian girl from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has propelled her to worldwide success, just as she has envisioned it.

With her sweet and heartfelt take on Lady Gaga’s anthem, Maria has joined the ranks of global visionaries, who are bravely stepping out and speaking to the world from voices within the positive change movement.

Whether or not one appreciates Lady Gaga’s provocative and controversial style, there is no question that this song has a powerful and positive message. Gaga is the epitome of being born this way – a true visionary who consistently thinks, speaks and acts in the direction of her deepest desires. Pure, realistic law of attraction strategy.

What About Your Vision Or should I say “visions”. After all, you are not one-dimensional. We have many talents and areas of interest, and a whole lifetime to explore them. Do you have a desire to do something that has been shelved for months or even years? What is holding you back? Some of the most common reasons for not following a path towards our own hopes and dreams are:

• Overwhelm

• Lack of time, money, support & encouragement

• Fear, shame, feelings of low self-esteem. See self esteem help.

• Lack of knowledge

• High level of responsibility (work, family, etc…)

You can begin to overcome all of these obstacles, with healthy thinking strategies which you follow through.

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Born This Way – LOA Contrast Exercise(2) Take some time today and reclaim the deepest wishes you have. Start or accelerate your movement towards attracting much less of what you don’t want and much more of what you do want. Begin with a basic Contrast Exercise - here are the steps:

(1) On a sheet of paper, draw 2 columns: label the left one “Don’t want”, and the right one “Do Want”.

(2) Think about one dream, hope or desire you have yet to realize.

(3) In the left column, write out as many obstacles to the dream you can think of, that you believe is holding you back.

(4) In the right column, write out 2 ideal results, realities or events you would like to experience, for each obstacle you wrote down.

(5) Next, flip your Contrast Exercise over. Write down all the ideas coming to you that you could possibly try, to move closer to your goal.

(6) Now enlist the law of intention: choose one of those ideas and Begin. Begin to (A) Think, “I am in the process of attracting, achieving, getting etc… (write down your goal)_________________. I intend to succeed.” , (B) Speak only words that are parallel to the achievement of your dream from now on, and (C) Take action in the direction of your dream.

You may want to make this type of personal transformation activity part of your life. How about building your own Visionary Magazine? Create a binder of tools, including a Gratitude Journal and other LOA strategy supports. These actions make a huge difference in bringing you clarity and self-motivation to achieve your most heartfelt desires. Remember…you were born a visionary.

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(1) I highly recommend the landmark book by Dr Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention. It is considered to be one of the best, realistic, healthy positive thinking writings within the law of attraction books category.

(2) Also see: Contrast Exercise for law of attraction Relationship and for Decade in review.

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