Credit Card Debt Solutions
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There is nothing pleasant about having to seek credit card debt solutions.


Is This You? Due to the economy or overwhelming personal circumstances, paying the bills is getting more difficult month by month. To make ends meet you are relying on credit cards. Reducing your staggering credit card debt is all you can think about. You think about the liability you are carrying, your creditors seem to be ready to pounce. You fear your credit score will suffer if you start falling behind on payments.

You Can and Need to Act Now. I am not a credit card debt solution expert, though I do know a thing or two about creating a budget for a family, a business or a public organization. And, though we often prefer not to hear this part… it takes tough decisions and commitment. Begin to think and act like the CEO of your situation, now… because you already are. Note: I have added a link to an excellent non profit credit counseling site at the bottom of this page. They have tons of free info and tools.

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You may feel high levels of fear and stress now. However, you can think, speak and take action to emerge with a healthy financial status in a moderate period of time, with the right decisions. Law of attraction strategies are well suited for use as healthy mental habits and imagery while you work through this period of time. All success coaches teach some form of positive thinking to tackle the most discouraging of debt situations. You can benefit from these skills, starting right now.

Think Say and Do What is Required to Move Through the Following Steps. Now. Link to Non-Profit Registered Charity Credit Counseling below (1).

1. See a certified financial planner with at least 2 or 3 references, within the next week. Alternately, there may be a non profit organization in your area offering the same service. You must follow through with this step if you intend to succeed. Many women, if not most, prefer to work with a female financial expert. Your bank is a good place to start. She will assess your situation with you, and advise you of the key Risk Management steps to take immediately, next and so on. She will help you create a budget, and you will now make positive changes in your way of thinking about money, what your money conversations sound like and most importantly, what you now do differently. And you will feel relief as you begin to climb your way out of this mess. Have a partner? Bring him or her.

2. A quick LOA review: Decide clearly what your desired financial credit card debt solution is. Write it down, including the time frame and at least 3 changes you will make in order to achieve your goal. More detail on the 2 Step Strategy I suggest here. Put all the attention, energy and focus you can create and tap into, towards your Decision. This is also known as Energizing. Use tools, mental habits and rewards, and keep it fresh. Create a vision board or scrapbook.

All the while, work on and maintain a Knowing attitude… knowing you will succeed, it is just a matter of time. You may prefer to think of this element as belief , faith or confidence. Tip: Millions use this confidence booster: read and review The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles, considered one of the first successful books on healthy application of positive thinking towards financial success

Learn or review the use of A-Statements in my credit card debt relief article. for use in credit card debt solutions. Once you are making progress and begin to feel more hopeful, you may want to switch to more standard affirmation. Remember that for your mind to accept and integrate the message, it must feel real to you.

3. Ask your financial planner about positive thinking support material you should be reading or viewing. I personally find the powerful work of Suzy Orman to be second to none. No softie, she gives tough love in the financial area a whole new meaning for women.

This is a law of attraction synced starter page to get you moving in the right direction. Remember to make all decision from here on based on sound expert financial advice.

10 Keys to Women's Credit Card Debt Reduction:Here are 10 Best Practices in Credit Card Debt Reduction. Have you done a Decade in Review Exercise?

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(1) Non Profit registered Charity Credit Counseling Service. This organization is not-for-profit, community-based and governed by a volunteer board of directors

Do you have a credit card debt solution to share? Contact us and share! Here is some Excellent Free information and Tools to Help you Start finding your own Solutions Now.

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