How to Attract Love. Go past the usual How to Think Positive Skills

There is no lack of how to attract love web sites. So-called experts on how to think positive are popping up everywhere, and books on law of attraction techniques are now widely available.


However: are you still single, yet want to find a life partner? Are you struggling with loneliness, even though you feel you are practicing law of attraction tips? Hang in there. You need not remain lonely for long. The choice is yours.

What Kind of Love do You Want to Attract? Or perhaps the question should be who are you trying to attract? With a pervasive, lonely feeling underlying a person’s existence, that person is usually searching for help on how to attract love via:

1. A romantic relationship, life partner or soulmate

2. A friend or more friends

3. The joy of parenting

I will leave out of this article, tips on how to attract love in the sexual realm, as this will come naturally, should number one above be the object of your desire. Also see my article on getting into the healthy Positive Singles frame of mind. (1)

How to Attract Love. If you believe you have been applying skills in sync with how to think positive or law of attraction strategy, for a very long period of time, and all of this is not working for you, then you need to change something you are doing. Period. But what?! Your Thoughts, First. Do nothing else, initially. Here is what I strongly recommend to begin with:

Take stock: make a Contrast list of everything you do not want any more of, in your ‘love’ life, and of what you are hoping to attract, in contrast. I teach a basic form of this with the use of simple Contrast lists, or Don’t Want-Do Want one page tools. Draw a line down the center, and keep jotting down the items until you have exhausted all the elements. For example, if you have, in the left don’t want column, an item such as “travelling alone”, in the right hand, do want column, you might have “have a loving partner to travel with.”

The above exercise is a top rated clarity strategy, used and taught in most success coaching, and now law of attraction training, in one form or another. By beginning to clarify what it is that you really want in attracting love, you will be significantly more prepared to begin the life changing and self-motivating work of:

1. Changing and improving your vocabulary, and

2. Acting consistently and optimistically in a parallel direction with your deepest desire.

That, is how to attract love. By making these powerful life changes, you will be learning in a very deep and permanent way, how to think positive. It is not just sunshine and smiley faces you are after, but effective, evidence-based methodology to help you attract less of what it is that you do not want, and much more of what it is that you do want: love.

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